Opesta Review Next Gen Messenger Bot [2018]

Opesta Review Next Gen Messenger Bot [2018]

What is Opesta?

Opesta is a next generation messenger bot with highly unique features. These specialised features have not been seen in ANY bot program before.

Curious? Let’s have a look at my all time favourite bot program.

Before I got in contact with Opesta for testing their Beta version I was using Manychat for my Messenger Bot Marketing. As far as I know most of my fellow internet marketing friends use either Manychat or Chatfuel. But I guess that’s all about to change…

Opesta really fulfilled my annoying need to segment everything. I want to know who clicked what and why. Okay, fair point, you might say other chat bots also show clicks etc.

But that’s not all, this new messenger bot actually segments sales! So now you know who actually bought a product and who only added it to the cart.

You can create different broadcast messages for each of the target groups. This is guaranteed to increase conversions as you can relate to their position in the buying process.

The best thing is that you can adjust the triggers for a specific action yourself.

Let’s say I’m running a funnel in my favourite program ClickFunnels. Opesta can integrate with Clickfunnels in each step of the funnel.

I can then tell the software to send out a different message from the optin page and a different message from the thank you page.

How? I tell Opesta where to begin the sequence based on the trigger I put in. Confusing? No worries, I will discuss the triggers in detail in the next part of the article.

For now just watch the short introduction video below to get an idea of what this messenger bot software is all about.

What Makes This Messenger Bot Different?

The big difference to take into consideration here is the segmentation part. You are building an audience, formerly known as a list in email marketing.

This audience consists of buyers and non-buyers. Usually about a 5%-95% ratio. The more buyers the better of course.

Your main goal is to convert. You will have to convince or be persuasive to your audience.

The messages you send out are usually the only contact you are allowed to have according to Facebook’s rules in relation to Messenger Bots.

Therefore, the right message at the right time is crucial.

The ability to segment your audience to several steps will increase the possibility that you’re hitting them with the right messages at the right time.

For instance: You are not going to offer somebody 10% off their first purchase if they just bought from you two days ago and are no longer eligible as first time buyers.

Those people you want to send a thank you message and a 10% discount for their second order.

The old saying being at the wrong place at the wrong time also count for your funnel and sequence.

You want to be there when the audience is hot and holding their wallet. If you miss out, you might miss out for good.

That’s why I love the ability to segment, the increase in open rates and CTR is astonishing.

More open rate and more CTR will lead to more $$$ for me.

Opesta Campaigns; Unique Power of This Messenger Bot

The campaign section is the main interface, this is where all the action happens.

Every campaign has a sequence attached to it there are obviously a variety of options there. All depending on which step of the buying process your customer is

Like in the video example below you can segment the campaign into different sequence.

Example is a webinar.

  1. First Sequence : People who registered for the webinar
  2. Second Sequence : People who attended the webinar but did not buy
  3. Third Sequence : People who attended the webinar and bought
  4. Forth Sequence : People who missed the webinar



How someone is added to a sequence. Can be because of a comment, tag or button click etc.

Overview of Trigger Options

Each trigger will be discussed below in detail.

How the trigger works:

Let’s say you have a special discount for existing customers.

You would want your audience to click a button asking if they are interested in a special offer.

But now everybody will get the offer and you only want existing customers.

So what you do is you select the “and” option.

You want people who clicked the button, AND you want people who are tagged with a “buyer” tag because they’ve purchased before.

Now your message will only go out to the people who meet BOTH the criteria.

What happens with the people who click the button but have not bought before? They can go to a backup sequence sending them a different offer.



After setting the triggers you can enter the content of your sequence.

It’s actually really easy. You can make a custom message and setup tags for administrative purposes.

You can enter delays if you like into your sequence and check several statistical metrics here like Open and Click Rate.


Opesta Sequence Image

Getting Started with Opesta

Setting up Opesta is actually quite easy. However, here’s a step by step guide how to get it all setup in under one minute:

  1. Go to www.opesta.com
  2. Creat an account
  3. follow the steps listed below


Once you’re logged into the Opesta App it will ask you to connect to Facebook by asking you to sign into your account.


Connect to Facebook Image

Thereafter it will ask you permission to receive your public profile and email address.

Note: This doesn’t let the app post to Facebook.

It will then ask you to allow the management of your pages. This is required because the bot will be using the pages to communicate to your audience efficiently.


Manage Pages
It will then ask you to connect the desired pages. You might manage many pages and you don’t want to use them all for Opesta. You can select the once you do want to use.

The selection process is very important because any page which is not added will not be able to make use of the messenger bot.

Of course you can always add pages later if necessary,

Page names are made blank in this example, next to the connect button the page name will show.


When you first login this is the image you will see.

It shows the dashboard overview with all the relevant statistics.

There is also a nice introduction video welcoming you to the software.


Screenshot of Opesta Dashboard First Login


You’re now all setup and ready to get started.

Once you’ve watched the introduction video, your screen will look like the image below.

A dashboard with no data. Means you better get started building that audience.

Image of Opesta Dashboard


Using the Goals Feature

The goals feature is currently in development and will therefore be updated later on. At the time of writing this review the following information is already available.

The goals feature is the end goal of your messenger campaign.

Once the goal has been reached the sequence will stop, meaning no more automated messages will be delivered to that specific audience member.

Let’s say, from the video example provided below you are running a webinar.

The only goal for the sequence is to get people on the webinar replay after they have missed the live version.

Once the audience member has clicked the “watch webinar replay” button it will be removed from the current sequence.

A nice follow up will be to be added to a new sequence for people whom have watched the webinar.

The goals feature will note that the end goal, which is getting the audience member to watch the replay of the webinar has been achieved.

The current sequence will therefore be stopped.

Sending a Broadcast Message

This feature enables you to send a one time message to anyone in your audience, no matter they funnel or sequence steps.

You can however select a specific audience as well if you would like.

For instance: Send to all sequences where people are in which have already been tagged as a buyer.

This will ensure you only send the broadcast to people who have purchased before.


Opesta Sequence Content Example


Setup for the Opesta Comment Trigger

As we know by now the add to sequence action is triggered by a certain action of the person in your audience.

In this scenario we are looking at the comment trigger.

It’s actually a feature which has been around since the start of the messenger bots at it works phenomenal.

You can ask your audience in your post to comment something, if they comment the keyword you entered to trigger the sequence they will be added.

Of course they will receive a message where they have to confirm the “add to sequence” in your messenger bot.

It should therefore ALWAYS be a very engaging message, if they don’t reply you lost them.

A common method of giving away a free ebook is displaying a sales pitch which ends with.

“If you would like me to send this ebook to you personally over messenger type “ebook” ”

Installing the Button Trigger

The button trigger is one of the most easiest triggers. No need to explain really but for the non-tech people here we go.

You send a message, people click the button and they get added to the sequence or any action you attach to the button.

You have the ability to change the colour and text of the button etc.

Installing the Checkbox Trigger

The checkbox trigger is one of the most effective triggers available in Opesta. The setup might be more difficult than other triggers but it sure is worth the effort!

You can label the specific button and select the size to make sure it fits perfectly on your page.

The embed instructions have to be followed closely else the checkbox trigger will not be displayed.

When you are using ClickFunnels or Leadpages you need to authorise the URL first else nothing will be displayed.

Make sure the Opesta Pixel is installed in the head section of every page. Again, if you miss this the checkbox trigger will not be displayed.

The embed code will make sure the checkbox is properly displayed. The HTLM code can be placed wherever you like.

Every page builder reacts differently, it is therefore recommend to watch a tutorial for each builder.

Check out the video below for specific instructions.

Installing the Checkbox Trigger in Leadpages

Installing the Checkbox Trigger in ClickFunnels


Try Opesta Yourself

Ready to give Opesta a shot? It’s currently still in the beta version but you can sign up for early access here and explore the software.

I’m super convinced you will not be disappointed. The developers are working everyday to make this software better.

The current features already beat the competition by a long shot and I have no reason to look back, the sales just keep coming in with Opesta!

I’m in love with the campaign feature, to segment the audience is what honestly made me change. It is just so powerful.

If you want to make more money of your messenger bot marketing, I suggest you have a look at the currently free version of Opesta!


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