Best Morevago Social Proof Tool Review [2018]

Best Morevago Social Proof Tool Review [2018]

Morevago Review – A tool to enhance your sales

Every single time I had to advertise my product online, I had quite the pain getting it more coverage and actual sales.

Things looked grim, as even though I had some reviews on my site, they were pretty difficult to locate, even more so when you tuned in from a mobile device, let’s say a tablet or a phone.

Getting a product you launched to sell is much more difficult without the right marketing, and even then, it is difficult as people are always skeptical of a new product, no matter how good your marketing is.

Everyone wants to read a review and to be assured that the product they’re about to purchase is valid, functional and almost guaranteed to work.

Sticking customer reviews on your home page can seem overzealous when it comes to advertising and marketing and quite frankly, it turns many potential customers away, as most will see it as just plain marketing and not an honest review.

When all of your so-called reviews are just plain old five-star images of overly happy customers, scaring your site’s visitors with their ear to ear smiles, then you might want to rethink your approach to marketing.


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This is where Morevago stepped in and helped me, as well as many other customers who were in dire need of a change in their product marketing.

Now, as I am like most people, I was skeptical of Morevago’s claims and even though my common sense told me they were on to something, I was still reluctant to give it a try.

Given how they offer a 14-day free trial, I was quick to reconsider, as there is practically no reason to deny yourself a free way to advertise your product, regardless of its effectiveness.

I was surprised to find out that Morevago does indeed boost sales and conversion rates, even after the free trial period.

Not only does Morevago work, but continues to bring you new customers, once customers start piling up on your site.

This review will show you the quirks and features of Morevago, as well as how it operates and other meaningful information you should know before you consider it as your go to marketing software, albeit, you still cannot go wrong with a 14-day free trial.


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How Morevago works

Morevago is a software that you add to your website which displays real customer reviews in an unobtrusive way either as people scroll through the site or simply at a predetermined time period.

Why is this important?

For starters, your potential customers get a predetermined dose of reviews for your products, as they scroll through the pages of your site, or change pages, or if they are sitting at a page for some time, a review pops up just to show how amazing your product really is.

Positive reviews will do the work for you, advertising the product, but only if potential customers see them.

A very prevalent issue, when it comes to reviews of sites, is that they are either difficult to locate or take people away from the site to a third-party site, something you do not want.

Morevago helps with pop up reviews which do not actually take people to other sites, but they do show an image, name and review text, alongside the number of stars the said person put in the review.

Since your customers to be get access to reviews as they scroll through the site, they are already informed of what the people think of the product, something many customers search for, or give up, if those opinions and reviews are difficult to find.

Since Morevago does not take people away from your site, they are more likely to hang around and browse it, making the odds of them purchasing your product, better.


Morevago Features

This software is very simple to use and its features, apart from the Sticky Review feature, vary depending on the plan you purchase.

The basic feature you get on every purchase plan, including the free-trial is the Sticky Review feature.

Sticky Review is the one thing that can get you better conversions and more customers, as it is the simple code line you add to your site which in turn displays real reviews, according to the predetermined settings.

The other great feature is that you get Unlimited Sticky Reviews with every purchase plan, meaning no limit as to how many reviews you can get on your site.

Unlimited Customers is also a feature present in all purchase plans, making sure that every customer sees a review, or many more, depending on how long they stay on your site.

Special features are added to more expensive purchase plans, making them attractive for different business endeavours.

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Morevago Pricing

Morevago has 4 different pricing plans you can choose from and here they are, from cheapest to the most expensive, in order:

Starter Plan:

The starter plan gets you one domain, Unlimited Sticky Reviews, Unlimited Visitors and your sticky reviews will have the Morevago logo on them, for 7.99 US dollars every month.

Plus Plan:

The Plus plan is every bit the same as the Starter Plan except that you are freed of the obligation of using the Morevago logo with the Sticky Reviews, for 9.99 US dollars every month.

Premium Plan:

The Premium Plan grants its users not one domain, but five domains, as well as the perks from the previous plan, meaning unlimited Sticky Reviews and Customers, as well as no obligation to use the Morevago logo, for 14.99 US dollars per month.

Agency Plan:

This plan, as its name suggests, is tailored towards agencies who have many domains, and this plan, along with all the perks from the previous plan, grants the user to install Morevago on as many domains as they want, for 97 US dollars per month.

Every plan allows you to a 14-day free trial, meaning that you can try it out on not one but many sites and see and track whether you have more conversions and more customers.

These plans enable every business owner to find one that suits them best, depending on how many domains they own and whether they are willing to spend 2 dollars more per month to get rid of the Morevago logo, thus making their site’s reviews look that much more professional.

Morevago Pricing Overview

Morevago Special Offers

Morevago offers a Double Your Money Back Guarantee feature which go along with every pricing plan you choose.

What this means, basically, is that if Morevago’s services cannot increase your conversion rate within the first 30 days, then they will work to implement their Conversion Rate Optimization, to which you must agree and which lasts for 14 days.

If Morevago fails to increase your conversion rates even after those 14 days, they will refund you your money, but double.

The owner even states that they will eat the credit card processing fees.


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Morevago Blog

As their Facebook group also brings people together to share useful information about making money, SEO, conversions and marketing in general, so does their blog, by enabling you to read into their own articles about various topics, for example, the top 5 places to advertise your site’s reviews.

The basic and simplest division would be third-party sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and the other one would be your own site.

Both of these are equal in importance because the likelihood of someone visiting your site before visiting the other ones is very little.

Thus, third-party sites bring you people either through paid advertisements, organic SEO or referral.

Your own site, however, holds all the cards, as this is where the people will spend the most time and find the most information, thus their own Sticky Reviews come in hand, as people will be able to find more about your site through real customer reviews while browsing it for the product they will hopefully purchase.

The blog contains many more articles, on different topics of marketing, making money and bringing more customers to your site.

Morevago Sticky Reviews Example

Morevago Help Center

While the Help Center page is currently empty, you do have the option of contacting Morevago directly through an ever-present chat option which hovers in the lower right of the page.

The chat is implemented by using Intercom, a customer messaging platform, and Morevago’s support uses it on a daily basis, typically answering in an hour or two.

There are many more email addresses you can reach out to, depending on your problem, yet the most common and general one would be support[at]

There is no customer service number should you want to actually talk to anyone, yet the chat option seems to work out for most people.

The Morevago Facebook group could definitely lend a helping hand to anyone in need, depending on the severity of the issue, customer support taking over if an issue is too sensitive or too detailed.


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Morevago Discounts and Campaigns

Unfortuantely, no matter how hard one tries, there are no campaigns or bonuses, discounts or anything similar which could entice new customers to buy Morevago’s services at a lower fee.

There is, however, the option of trying out Morevago and their Sticky Reviews for 14 days, with the Double Your Money Back Guarantee if you do not get increased conversion rates through the first 45 days, in total, of using Morevago.

Even though there are no additional discounts and bonuses as of now, Morevago stands out as a simple and easy-to-use tool to increase your conversion rates by utilizing real customer reviews on every page of your site.

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