Best Money Robot Review [2018]

Best Money Robot Review [2018]

Money Robot Review


Marketers often find themselves searching for software that can ensure that they will provide the best work. The clients often have strict deadlines and the software that can speed the process of work up is offered in abundance. Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages which you need to read about before deciding whether this piece of software can help you.

One such program is MoneyRobot which is an SEO tool for automation. It is created by Softtechsrl and since its creation, it has gained the attention of big marketers as a tool that is both effective and easy to use. Namely, Money Robot is supposed to use several techniques such as link building in order to boost traffic on your website and in order to significantly improve your rankings on Google.

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About The Creators

The software development company called Softtech Software Development (Softtechsrl) was created in 2002 and has developed many software platforms which are connected to many niches. Some of their most successful platforms include gambling and bingo software for the countries of Africa, management software for traffic and SEO software (among which is Money Robot).

Money Robot Features

The basic approach to optimization that this software provides is link building. However, there is much more to it, so let’s review everything that they do.

Link Building for the purpose of SEO

Link building is generally a time-consuming process that can also be very boring. In order to do everything properly, you need to research websites, create accounts on them, create and submit content and slowly build traffic to your website link by link. However, Money Robot offers a solution to this process by automatizing it completely. Through their simple interface, you can quickly build links, thus boosting your traffic. If sales are your marketing goal, then the name Money Robot is completely adequate for this type of software. It is simple – the higher traffic will boost your sales as well.

We completely agree with this claim as the software that it offers indeed has a very simple interface and can be used by both SEO savvies and complete beginners who are yet to learn how link building works. In fact, the simplicity of the interface may not require the beginners to ever learn in-depth link building, as the software will do most of the things automatically for them. Although the copy written on their website is a pretty bad example of a marketing copy (mostly it just says how great they are), it is, nevertheless, a true one. This is due to the fact that Money Robot indeed provides all that is promised. Therefore, we can completely disregard the other aspects of their marketing (the awful website, copy, design) and say that the software is worth it.

Now, let’s take a look at how this all is possible and what is behind the great link building system that MoneyRobot offers.


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The Multiple Thread Feature

One of the main facts that the whole process is sped up and automatized is because there is a multiple thread feature. This simply means that the program can do several things simultaneously and cut down on the time needed for all that work to be done. According to the website, it is similar to the power of 100 employees working at the same time on the process of link building. 

Automation of Account Creation

Link building certainly requires you to make hundreds of accounts. Sometimes these accounts require things such as human proof. However, the platform offers a complete automation of this process, claiming that no human intervention is needed in order to complete account creation. This means that the program has the code for somehow overriding the human recognition systems that many of the blogs and websites had implemented in order to protect them.

AI Incorporation

Now, bypassing robot check systems is obviously not an easy task. In fact, algorithms can always detect suspicious robotic behaviors and, thus, ban you from using their platforms. However, AI which is a part of Money Robot will not allow that. Due to the fact that it is the artificial intelligence that we are talking about, it has its own learning mechanisms which imitate human activity and behaviour.

For example, if you need to make an account on a certain website, you would probably take some time and you would probably need to explore a website a little bit. This AI would imitate humans via three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) and there would be no chance for anyone to tell the difference between MoneyRobot and humans.

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Website research

In order to give you the best possible list of websites that can help you with your backlinks, the platform offers enormous server resources which are responsible for crawling into websites and giving you the best possible suggestions. These are important due to the fact that some of the websites will provide backlinks of higher-quality. After you review the list (or you do not even have to), the program will go on and automatically make accounts and submit content to those websites.

This is also one of the key factors that saves you time as researching for the websites that are eligible for your content may last as long as all the other processes included in this program. If you do not have adequate content to post on this website and you wonder what the automation process would actually place as content, do not worry. It also has the automatic process for article spinning & rewriting.

A Process that Spins and Rewrites Articles

It is always better to have unique articles and fresh content and Google can impose quite big penalties to the spun texts. However, penalties are even bigger if your content is a duplicate. This means that posting backlinks to hundreds of websites is impossible if you try to make unique content and you cannot duplicate it. The answer is rewritten and spun content. Money Robot Submitter platform offers this feature for everyone who decides to use their services. Articles will get spun into hundreds of different possibilities and you will have supposedly new content posted on the websites that were previously chosen by the website research automation.

Monitoring Backlinks

Once your backlinks are successfully placed on these websites, the process is far from being complete. The monitoring backlinks feature offers you a service of the complete overview of all the live backlinks. Live backlinks are those which still exist and through which potential leads can come to your website. On the other hands, links can die if your content is deleted from a website or the website itself is dead. Working on 500 threads per second, this feature provides all the necessary information on the links that are still functional. There, you can manage everything you want to which is connected to the links with ease.

Image of Backlink Monitoring Display

Backlinks monitoring is a feature completely accepted by Google as it does not comply with their basic rules and itself alone is not a black-hat technique for SEO. However, once you have reached this step using the Money Robot platform, you would probably have broken several Google laws along the way. We are not sure whether this feature can be used in isolation, but one thing is certain. It gives a complete and detailed info on all your live backlinks which is good enough.

Solve Captcha Automatically

One of the main factors that decides whether it is human or robot operating is the infamous captcha test. There are numerous types of captcha and some of them include calculation, photo recognition or typing text that you see on a picture. There are more complicated and easier ones, but the captcha solving automation that goes as an additional feature with MoneyRobot is able to solve everything and bypass all the human/robot tests. There are some minor captchas which are now widely used and the program may not be able to solve those but the big and major ones, success is inevitable.

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Buying Options

There are basically two main options for payment. You can either pay a monthly subscription of $67 or you can pay a price of $497 and have your software licensed for a lifetime. What makes a slight confusion here is whether the money back guarantee is available for both types of payment.


Money Robot Available Plans


How to Create Campaigns with Money Robot?

This short tutorial will show you how to make the basic campaign in Money Robot. As you will see, everything is quite simple and up-to-the-point. However, we will provide the additional commentary on the process, as seen from our perspective.

The New Campaign

The first thing that you want to do is choose the option “new campaign” which is located in the upper left corner. As soon as you click it, you will get to the window where you can choose the SEO strategy for your campaign. Basically, each strategy is represented by a diagram which graphically shows where your links will be placed, how many blogs will be included, and how they are interconnected. On this diagram, you will be able to follow the path of your links and how potential visitors can end up on your website.

This is, we believe, a really unique way to show how a certain SEO strategy will work. Although quite simple, it is still a very detailed report and even the complete novice will understand how the content will be distributed through blogs and how the whole idea of backlinking works.

Image of a Money Robot Campaign T2 Diagram

Fill in the Blank Boxes

The next step includes you filling in the information regarding your website. The three boxes next to the SEO strategy box require you to fill three things:

  1. The URL for your website
  2. The focus keywords
  3. Content of the article

The URL does not have to be just one and it does not have to be a website per se. In fact, you can, for example, boost your YouTube views by letting the program build the network for you which will boost your video on the web.


The keywords that you want to enter are basically the only thing that you want to research yourself before you proceed to work with the program. If you have experience researching keywords, you will know exactly what you want to enter in that second box. If you are not sure, you can always consult Google Keyword Planner and other related tools which will tell you what the best keywords for your niche are.

The content of the article box is actually its most interesting part. You do not need to have a sample article at all. All you need to do is click a button that says “create unique articles”. This is the part where the magic happens and their article spinning tool starts writing many versions of an article which is generated only based on your keywords. You can also preview the article and even add further links to them if you need to. For example, you can add a Youtube video that you want the people to watch, and the video will appear in every blog where infinite numbers of these articles are posted.

The Campaign Progress

That’s it when it comes to creating a new campaign. All you have to do now is click “Start Campaign” button. From that moment on, you will be able to see in real time how Money Robot creates new accounts on various blog platforms, websites, and social media. Just sit back, relax, and let the robots do the dirty work for you.

Other Features and Tools

There are several other cool features that this program offers for all the marketing and automation enthusiasts and professionals:

  • MR Browser – with this browser, you will be able to make and follow social accounts yourself.
  • Social Tab – add likes and shares on social media for the URLs that you had previously submitted into the URL box
  • Video Tab – allows you to boost views and likes to your video with the options that it provides
  • Traffic Tab – navigate the traffic that comes from search engines to the URLs that you had previously submitted

Of course, this was just the basic overview of how main features of the platform work and what the basic processes are within the platform. In order to completely understand its ways and test it out yourself, we would strongly recommend that you download the 7-day free trial that they offer.

The Platforms Included in Link Building

Here is a short list of the possible platforms and groups of platforms (as listed on their website) where you can submit content.

  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web Directories
  • Wiki Articles
  • Press Release
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Forum Profiles
  • RSS

All of them are combined and mixed in the SEO strategy that you choose within the software.

Image of Example of Campaign strategy linkbuilding

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at a short overview of all the positive and negative aspects of Money Robot.


  • A completely automated system – you just need to make the basic input and everything else is done automatically
  • 7-day free trial and the 7-day money back guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the program, you can ask for your money up to 7 days after the payment
  • Very easy to use – the program is built for complete novices in SEO to grasp it and learn it quickly
  • Article spinning/rewrite system included – no need for you to buy additional spinning software, as this one has the built-in system for spinning
  • Not expensive – there are two payment options and whichever you choose, you will still profit much more from using the program


  • Black-hat techniques – if you are not willing to enter the world of black-hat SEO, then this program is not for you.


Money Robot is definitely the program that every SEO expert and enthusiast should have. With all the special features provided with the Money Robot Software you are guaranteed to crush the competition and rank in the number one spot for any long tail keyword you desire! That is if you run enough campaigns of course.

Check out Money Robot by clicking here to see if there are any deals going on right now.


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