Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review


For the last couple of years I’ve been building my sales funnels through ClickFunnels, it’s easy to use and gives me excellent results.

I got in contact with ClickFunnels through a Facebook ad for Expert Secrets, at the time (and probably still is) one of the best internet marketing books on how to reach an audience.

After reading Expert Secrets, Russel Brunson, the author hooked me to his story. If You have ever heard one of his stories you can tell how great they are.

His stories were so relatable, so down to earth and full of energy. I watched his full two hour webinars and it felt like only ten minutes had passed.

So after working with ClickFunnels for a while it amazed me that there are SO MANY OPTIONS.

Like every industry, every product, every funnel, there is always something to add or improve.

The platform provides you with a great amount of tools and instructions but there was always something missing.

I could never figure out how the “big boys” were building there funnels. I mean my funnels were good, hell some were great but there weren’t multi million dollar funnels.

What I often did was study the templates and funnel library and sometimes even went to Google to find share funnels to see if I could learn something extra.

My journey ended a couple of months ago, when Russel Brunson introduced his new book Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook.

It was all that I had been waiting for and more, let me tell you why.

Image of the Funnel Hacker's CookBook Cover

What is the FunnelHacker’s Cookbook?

So the Funnel hackers cookbook is basically a recipe book, like it says ..COOKBOOK, duh. But it’s not a recipe book you can pickup at your local Wallmart to make delicious cupcakes.

It has a very specific purpose and is not meant for everyone, it was crafted for Funnel Hackers.

Russel Brunson actually wanted to create a recipe book, which people could follow step by step to make the desired dish. The dish being a funnel.

How amazing is that?! No more struggling with the page elements trying to get the right funnel steps in so your funnel flows perfectly.

The Cookbook shows you step by step how to create the desired funnel. The ingredients being all the different options and page elements ClickFunnels has to offer.

Like Pop-ups, Address Bars, submit buttons etc.

You might have read some of his earlier publications, both were a tremendous success.

They were books about how to do funnels and the theory behind them. Now it’s time to actually implement all the knowledge and start building funnels.

    • Russel’s Expert Secrets Book teaches you the art how to do funnels.
    • Russel’s DotComSecrets Book shows you how the science behind funnels.
    • Now the Funnel Hackers Cookbook will show you the blueprint to create the funnels.


Why you need the  Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Okay, so there are three scenario’s here:

1) You’re a ClickFunnel Fanatic (like me)

It’s a no brainer, you need this book. Apart from the fact that you don’t want to be the only one of your funnel hacker group which doesn’t have the book you also need it for your business.

The Cookbook will probably show you some nice to know features and some golden nuggets.

Don’t get me wrong but this won’t be a goldmine, heck, it free right?! Although you probably already know half the stuff in the Cookbook, it’s really about the other half you don’t know.

If you get the opportunity to pick Russel Brunson’s brain for a mere two minutes, you would want to right?

Well this is his gift to you. Some of his main thoughts about “the perfect funnels” in one book.

p.s. Did you know once you have an active ClickFunnels subscription, you get this awesome T-shirt?!

Image of the Free FunnelHacks T-Shirt

2) You’re not a ClickFunnel Fanatic (but you should be)

So you’re new to CliclFunnels and funnel building. You might have build a couple of funnels from templates, perhaps a dozen but you aren’t really “feeling it”.

The software is sometimes a little challenging and not always you get the right look for your funnel, you feel like there’s something missing.

You probably could spend a thousand dollars on a custom made funnel, hell I know some guys who will deliver it within 24 hours, but I don’t think that’s the best idea for you.

The best idea for you is probably to have an overview of funnels which are proven to work, something like a blueprint so you know exactly what to do…

Eheh, see what I did there? Of course you need the Funnel Hackers Cookbook!

But mark my words, after reading it you will probably get obsessed with funnels and perhaps also make some nice extra income.

With funnels, the sky is the limit. You’re only one funnel away!

Image of The Funnel Hacker's CookBook Videos

3) You hate ClickFunnels

It’s okay, we can still be friends. So you don’t like ClickFunnels, it happens.

This software is not for everyone. Sometimes people choose other programs which they feel more comfortable with like Leadpages.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Cookbook is not right for you.

You see it holds funnel templates you can utilise in any software.

Yeah well, the page elements might have the ClickFunnel names but with a little brain power you can also make the funnels in different software. You don’t have to be using ClickFunnels.

It can still be an amazing book which can really enhance your knowledge about funnels and improve your business even if you hate ClickFunnels.

As there are so many funnel building softwares nowadays there are endless ways to apply the funnels discussed in the Cookbook.

Image of the Funnel Hacker's CookBook Presale Page Banner

What’s Included in the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

So let’s have a look at the actual content. The Cookbook has twenty two different types of funnels.

Basically, every “main type” of funnel will be discussed. What I like is that it’s all very detailed.

There are barely any questions left to ask once you read through this extensive manual.

If for whatever reason you do have any questions you can always reach out to the ClickFunnels Help Center, ClickFunnels support or even the Offical ClickFunnels Facebook Group.

For whatever reason after reaching out to those three insanely helpful platforms, you are unable to find an answer, you can message me.

Just kidding! Message me first, I’m always happy to help.

Okay, let’s dive back into the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook.

The most important thing about the Cookbook is that it shows you the page elements needed. You won’t have to look at any image and try to re create it in the software.

It will tell you exactly which page elements to use, why to use them and where to drop them in the funnel.

Not only will it show you the different ingredients for a specific page it will also show you different page options.

Pages being the steps in the funnel, how great is that!

This way you can customise your entire funnel, based on a working bleu-print but now exactly the way you like it.

Here are a couple of funnels which are discussed in the Cookbook: The Invincible Funnel, The Product Launch Funnel and The Sales Letter Funnel.


               Click the Image Below to See a Squeeze Page Funnel Explanation

Image of ClickFunnels Blog - SqueezePage from The Funnel Hacker's CookBook

   Click the Image Below to See a Hero Funnel Explanation

Image of ClickFunnels Blog - SqueezePage from The Funnel Hacker's CookBook


Funnel Hacker’s CookBook Pricing

One of the most important things of almost any purchase is the pricing and I bring good news.

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is a Free + Shipping offer, meaning you get the book free you just have to pay for shipping and handling.

Russel mentions in the video that similar content that of the book have previously been sold by other for prices around $2000, so you know the information is valueable.

I didn’t mind paying for the shipping, hell I needed to have this book.

But if you’re still doubting whether or not to get it, let me convince you.

Above all, I respect transparency and honesty. Russel’s message is very clear at the end.

He says “my goal is to give it to you for free so you’re more like to use ClickFunnels to build your funnels“.

I respect that message a lot, too many markets nowadays try to trick you into buying something when it so obvious there’s something behind their message.

Guess that’s why Russel has build up an insanely big audience and following.

So if you’re convinced and ready to buy your Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, you can do it right here.


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