Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download – Read This Before You Buy DCS!

Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download
Earlier this year, I acquired my copy of Russell Brunson’s brand-new book, DotComSecrets.

If it would be anything like his other book Expert Secrets, I understood I would enjoy it!

However it turned out to be totally various. Various in the very best way possible!

In this evaluation I will tell you exactly what you can anticipate from this book if you choose to get a free copy yourself.

I always try to find brand-new books to check out wether it’s about developing a brand, digital marketing or entrepreneurship in basic.

Like a lot of Clickfunnels users I’ve been a faithful fan of Russell Brunson and his teachings. DotComSecrets ended up being an extremely, really, really intriguing book.

Let me inform you why …

As I have actually been learning about SEO and digital marketing in basic, I went on the prowl for an extensive guidebook that would assist me improve my business presence, thus my sales.

I came to recognize that, yes, you have to work on your theoretical skills by just practicing them daily. Nevertheless, I also observed that my practical understanding still requires a sort of theoretical backup.

A friend of mine told me about the book and that he read it in one go. Taking into consideration the price and the field of study, I decided to buy a copy.

I had actually informed myself I would offer it an hour a day to read it, as I also had other company activities to finish every day.

Nevertheless, it simply didn’t go that way. After reading the book for the first 30 minutes, I was entirely hooked. Which resulted in my reading it cover to cover by Wednesday afternoon. Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download

So, exactly what is this book about?

Russell’s DotComSecrets is a full-fledged, college-level education for Online Marketing Specialists. Russell’s aim was “to leave no stones unturned” by covering just about whatever you need to understand about scaling your online business. He breaks down each important element utilizing an action by action format.

This review is intended to give a bigger photo of the man behind the book, the book itself and how you can improve your marketing technique with the assistance of DotComSecrets.

Let’s dive in by learning more about Russell a bit much better …

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is among those people online that figured that out a long time ago. He has made his mark as one of the premier marketers on the planet. But he doesn’t stop there; he continues his marketing journey with every practice and item he employs.

Russell simply paid $20 dollar for a programmer to make his first software, which made him over $1,000 of income within the very first 30 days after the release date. But this was just the beginning.
Image of Russell Brunsons

Stimulated by the birth of his twins, Russell decided he needs to turn his style for web business into a genuine business. He got a workplace and started hiring staff members.

Russell himself says, “I spent about 18 months attempting (and stopping working) with every program, product and course I bought. At about that time I found out a very easy system for developing and selling items online.I paid a developer $20 to create my first software, and within 30 days have made over $1,000 offering it. Month # 2 I made over $2,000 and by month 3 I had actually made over $5,000.

I was hooked and began to study marketing and organisation every minute that I was awake. My senior year in college I earned about $250,000 and within a year of graduation had actually crossed the million dollar mark.”

And that’s where all of it originated from, consisting of DotComSecrets, which we are going to study thorough in the following sections.

What is DotComSecrets?

DotComSecrets is a complete overview of Internet Marketing that will help you start and scale your service online.

Russell Brunson shares with the reader the actual techniques, tools, and methods that he implements to run his many multi-million dollar companies online and to assist you take your online company or affiliate use to the next level.

He has actually been starting and scaling businesses online. He is a very popular author that owns a supplement business, a software application company (ClickFunnels), and a training business (DotComSecrets), and is among the leading very affiliates on the planet.

DotComSecrets is presently an Amazon very popular book that has offered a massive 92,298 copies and counting, however you can likewise have access to it FREE by click on this link.

The basics of the book teach the “sales funnel” procedure and how you can apply this system to essentially develop a cash machine, where you can invest one cent in it and get 2 in return.

Display Image of DotComSecrets Book

DotComSecrets is For …

Anybody that wants to grow a business and generate income online will discover a lot of advantage in this book. Your experience level doesn’t matter. The book is written in a way it is simple to comprehend even for people who are simply beginning online.

Even the most seasoned marketers may find an advantage in reading this book. It will refresh your memory relating to the fundamentals of marketing, the concepts of working online. Sometimes you forget the little things are in fact the big things. I believe being advised of the foundation principles is never a bad thing.

An extensive DotComSecrets Book Review

DotComSecrets comes with a variety of useful marketing methods and the theory behind utilizing these methods. Russell provides design templates that he personally utilizes to attract more paying customers to his deals. The book is around 225 pages long but is filled with all the needed understanding for becoming an effective and knowledgeable online marketer.

DotComSecrets includes 5 different sections that are broken down into 13 various tricks in relation to making your online service effective, as well as 7 different funnels you can utilize to enhance conversions and traffic to your website.

Image of Lead Magnet

Below are my 5 takeaways from this book and how you might utilize them to end up being a first-class online entrepreneur.

1. Attracting Your BEST CUSTOMERS

Understanding who you really want to work with, then developing your marketing technique around just those people will not only offer you a clear photo of exactly what to do next, but it will also make your company day satisfying.

Image of DCS Secret Formula

Russell speaks about his training program and how he targeted people who are currently making $50,000+ a year with their companies. Therefore, he develops all of the lead magnets around bring in just those individuals.Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download

2. The Attractive Character

Developing an “Attractive Character” personality is critical for obtaining the influence over the crowd an accumulate large followings. Russell Brunson points out in DotComSecrets how this Attractive Character produces more powerful bonds between your business and your potential customers to develop an environment where they will follow you and purchase from you.

Every Attractive Character should include a back story, parables, polarity, and character defects. This creates a distinct character in the eyes of prospects, who will determine you as either a leader, press reporter, traveler, reluctant hero, or someone else; and each of these personalities has an unique set of storylines that your potential customers can relate to and connect with them.


3. Tailoring Your Language To Meet Your Traffic And Prospects Where They Are

Russell discusses the 3 various kinds of traffic in DotComSecrets.

These are:

  • Hot traffic – traffic that already knows you.
  • Warm traffic – traffic that understands your joint endeavor partner.
  • Cold traffic – traffic that does not understand who you are.

Depending on the kind of traffic, it is important to customize your language patterns to attract potential clients.

Example: You are running an Online Business, and it is more than likely that your devout fans (your hot traffic) are familiarized with what “traffic” means. Nevertheless, the people on the outside, individuals that want to get into the Online Business world, individuals who do not know who you are and what your organisation has to do with, may extremely well have no hint what you are thinking when you state “traffic”. There is some chance their very first referral will be that dreadful commute to and from work, implying they will right away view “traffic” in a negative light. And you don’t desire that.

In DotComSecrets, Russell Brunson keeps in mind that “traffic” merely means individuals, and it is highly most likely that most of them are not acquainted with industry terms that you do.

Because of that, do not do videos that consist of terms such as “capture pages, “incoming marketing” and such if you are handling cold potential customers. They will have no concept what you are speaking about and would most likely give up on digging in much deeper to get more information about your business.

4. Backend Profits

The core of DotComSecrets likewise talks about the “value ladder” and how this component is important for maximizing ROI, for this reason earnings.

What surprises me is that even skilled marketers don’t think about having a strong “backend” in place as an essential element. Parts such as up-sells, high ticket offers after someone purchasing of your initial deal will just spice your marketing methods up and ultimately boost sales.

Up-sells and high-ticket items are offers that you present to your brand-new clients after they’ve already bought from you on the front-end.

Though it may look like you are losing cash, you are going to benefit from back-end deals. This is due to the fact that clients who buy your front-end offer are far more likely to buying from you once again, and again, and again. Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download

5. Offering Value Upfront

It is necessary to offer value to your potential customers in advance. By producing lead magnets that offer value, you will construct trust in between you and the prospective consumer that will result in repeat company and consumer commitment.

Simply take a look at the book and tell if it’s not the very best example of what we are speaking about right now. Russell’s DotComSecrets is FREE. All you have to spend for is shipping, and he ‘d offer it to you free of charge.

What Kind Of Support Can You Expect To Get With DotComSecrets?

When you buy the book, you are provided the alternative to sign up with a private Facebook group filled with individuals similar to yourself, people who are reading the DotComSecrets book and have concerns or simply want to bounce concepts off like-minded individuals.

Exactly what’s more, if you register with ClickFunnels, you will have access to ClickFunnels support by means of 3 different alternatives – e-mail support, live chat with an expert, or their helpline Monday– Friday 9am– 9pm.

What Did Others Say About Dotcomsecrets

So if you would wind up Googling the book or the author you would get an insane amount of feedback, generally of his devoted following. The feedback is overwhelming, it’s like 99% of the people love the book and whatever it represents. Certainly there is always the 1% “haters”, but hey it’s also good to hear their feedback.

When I’m aiming to purchase something, I always ensure to check evaluations first. That’s most likely how you ended up reading this short article!

What I found was that many entrepreneur type people love the down to earth explanation Russell offers. It’s all simple to comprehend and sometimes even amusing that if you don’t understand it, you will after seeing the “drawn” variation of the explanation. Seriously, the images are sometimes humorous.

However simpleness works. It doesn’t need to be quite, it does not have to be smart. As long as it works.

So something I did notification was a great deal of people were requesting for an audiobook. I actually attempted looking for it myself but wasn’t able to discover it as a direct deal unfortunately. The only way to get it is to go purchase expert tricks here( free simply pay shipping) then buy the audiobook variations of Expert Secrets and Dotcomsecrets as an up-sell.

If you go over all the reviews online the book is balancing a 4.4/ 5. See the testimonial video below if you want some reality examples of testimonials.

Tools and Training

There are actual funnel templates you can use, in addition to sales letter scripts, templates, and email scripts.

The book has lots of superior training on Internet Marketing and growing and scaling a service online.

What I liked About Dotcomsecrets

  • Techniques pointed out and taught are ones really utilized by Russell himself
  • Teaches tested strategies used to make cash online
  • You learn the best ways to determine your audienceDotComSecrets Video Cover
  • Teaches you ways to target any audience you desire, and get conversions from that traffic
  • You can buy the book on the site (plus shipping and dealing with $7.95);.
  • The author is an amusing author with an easy-to-read composing design and easy-to-implement techniques.
  • Teaches you ways to engage your consumers.
  • Excellent book to keep as a referral guide.

Exactly what I didn’t like about Dotcomsecrets.

  • Little bit of up-selling in the book for ClickFunnels.
  • The book encourages you to utilize ClickFunnels, however you can just get a 14-day complimentary trial.
  • There is no followup book yet with more tricks.



DotComSecrets is a fantastic book on Internet Marketing loaded with both the methods AND the theory behind the technique.

It likewise has shown scripts and templates that you can follow and easily use.

This is among those unusual books that got me hooked to finish in a few days. I’ve heard all this before but never wrapped up so well or structured in such a brilliant way.

Maybe you’ve been in the Internet marketing space for a while, you’ll see there is nothing new in the book, however somehow the author breaks down the whole funnel thing so well that it now makes a lot more sense.

If you want Internet company explained, or begin your own company online, I highly advise this book to you. If you’re interested in DotComSecrets, you can inspect it out here.

Dotcom Secrets Audiobook Download

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